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Share The Vibes Festival: Celebrating and Connecting Music and Technology

Image courtesy of Share The Vibes, LLC.

You've almost certainly heard of the acronym S.T.E.A.M.: science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. In this day and age, many programs and classes geared towards children promote S.T.E.A.M. as a standard framework for learning and development. But creative people of all ages stand to benefit from opportunities for learning, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing in these areas. A Milwaukee event called Share the Vibes Music and Technology Festival seeks to do just that for Milwaukeeans. On July 13th, the event will promote community-building, exploration, creativity and accessibility across the disciplines of music and technology—all within a festive, party atmosphere at Vivarium. I connected with the founder, Devin Jenkins, to learn more about the brand and its signature event.  

What is Share The Vibes, and who is it for?  

A performer is rapping on a microphone at a previous Share The Vibes Fest.
Image courtesy of Share The Vibes, LLC.

Share The Vibes, LLC connects people through music and technology. We have curated a brand that elevates emerging artists and business owners, provides technology education, and builds community through our annual music & technology festival, professional DJ services, podcast, playlist curation, and merchandise. Our objective is leveraging music and technology to enable people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and socioeconomic status to build meaningful relationships that advance the community forward.  

Tell me about your impressions of Milwaukee's music and technology scenes. What are the strengths, and what are some areas for potential growth? 

I think Milwaukee has so much untapped talent and artists that just need the opportunities, exposure and marketing to reach their target audiences. Many times, finances can be a barrier to achieving these goals. What Share The Vibes, LLC does is highlight artists and make sure we pay them for their time, too. It’s not just about gaining exposure, it’s a great way to practice their craft and learn more about their artistry as well. I think there are a number of activations and opportunities available for tech entrepreneurs or anyone interested in learning more about technology and how to apply it in their lives.  

A group of artists smile and sit together on a couch during a previous Share The Vibes Fest.
Photo courtesy of Share The Vibes, LLC.

There is a gap between both the music and technology sectors, though, and Share The Vibes is just scratching the surface to bridge that gap with our events, including the Share The Vibes Music and Technology Festival. With our events, we hope to reduce the barrier to accessing information that falls in the intersection of music and technology.  

A group of female hip hop dancers perform on a stage at a previous Share The Vibes Fest.
Photo courtesy of Share The Vibes, LLC.

What can people expect from the event on July 13?  

The 3rd Annual Share The Vibes Fest will feature local Milwaukee artists, DJs and vendors. We will have food, music trivia and other fun games, a live podcast and a workshop centered around AI. We’re really excited to be hosting this for a third year and can’t wait to see everyone on July 13th because we’re going to have a great time as we always do. 

What is the importance of promoting/encouraging S.T.E.A.M. in our community?  

S.T.E.A.M. is the key to thriving in the 21st century. There aren’t many careers, jobs or opportunities that don’t involve some aspect of S.T.E.A.M. Whether they’re interested in the trades or want to stream their gaming and music endeavors, I think it’s important that people are equipped with the tools they need in order to stay prepared for an ever-changing career landscape.  

How can folks learn more about the organization, and get involved?  

People can follow Share the Vibes social media on Instagram and on Facebook. Learn more about the organization and ways to work with us through and purchase tickets for the event at And, we are still looking for vendors and additional media and financial sponsors. For more information, email


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