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AdvANCING milwaukee's art, culture, and creative industries

By amplifying the voice of artists, promoting equitable policies, and securing increased public funding, we ensure that the transformative power of the arts reaches every corner of our city, fostering economic growth, social cohesion, and individual well-being. Together, we can build a future where the arts flourish, talent thrives, and Milwaukee shines as a beacon of creativity.

Advocacy Alert

Bring Film & Television Production Incentives to Wisconsin.

Join Action! Wisconsin in supporting SB1026, which will establish film & television production incentives and create a new state film office in Wisconsin.

This advocacy form will allow you to send customizable, pre-populated electronic messages directly to your elected representatives in the Wisconsin State Senate and State Assembly, as well as Speaker Robin Vos.

Current Initiatives

ACTION! wisconsin

It's time to take action!

Action! Wisconsin is a coalition of businesses working to create and retain jobs, enhance our economy, and promote tourism state-wide through film and television production. 


C.A.L.M. organizes to share knowledge and resources that empower arts organizations to be better functioning businesses and help each other be equipped with the tools and services to maintain their programs

ARts + economic prosperity 6

Data to back the arts.

Imagine MKE partnered with American for the Arts to administer the AEP6 survey to Milwaukee area non-profits and cultural institutions. The study is an economic and social impact study of the nation’s nonprofit arts and culture industry.

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