Support for Artists Work Group

We believe Milwaukee is a place where all artists and creatives can thrive.  That means artists and creatives should have access to resources to cultivate their practice (financial, physical, technical and social capital) and to local, regional, and national markets so they can earn a living through their practice.   

For us this means we need to cultivate more robust resource networks and opportunities for artists and creatives to earn, we need to make sure that all artists and creatives can access these markets.  We intend to do an “artists census” where we can hear from as many artists and creatives to assess priority and whether or not we’re making progress.

Work Group Co-Chairs: Molly Veh, Milwaukee Film and LaShawndra Vernon, Executive Director, Artists Working in Educations (AWE)
Imagine MKE staff leader: MacArthur Antigua, Senior Director of Collective Impact

Our work is driven by a set of strategic goals. Click here to view this Work Group's strategic goals.