Public Policy and Engagement Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Chad Bauman, Executive Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater

Imagine MKE staff leader: David Lee, CEO

The desired result of our public policy work group is that artists and arts and culture groups will organize a larger collective voice to: shape public perception; advance public resources; and address inequities in access, opportunities, and engagement. In addition, artists and arts and culture groups are partners at community decision-making tables.

We will accomplish this work by integrating artists and arts leaders in the civic fabric of our city and by building an army of arts and culture champions who are willing to stand up and exercise their support of the arts by engaging with their elected officials and policy makers to ensure that the arts voice is heard and represented. 

Click here to view this Work Group's 2019-20 strategic goals.

The Summer 2020 Meeting was conducted on July 9, 2020.

It had these results:

  • Work Group is oriented to past progress, and joined to work moving forward
  • Make sense of current socio-political policy and funding landscape in the context of COVID-19 and the fight against racial and social injustice
  • Establish Milwaukee's Arts and Culture policy platform and align with existing efforts to magnify and advance broader, shared goals to improve quality of life in Milwaukee
  • Make action commitments to advance public and sector support for policy platform.

View the shared meeting MURAL whiteboard here.

If you haven’t made an Action Commitment yet, we encourage you to review the MURAL and make one today, as we’d love to keep the momentum going.  Here were some examples of suggested Actions you could take:

  • I can further sharpen or develop the policy proposals. 
  • I can share/collect data that will make the case for a specific policy recommendation. 
  • I can connect David to a Subject Matter Expert to sharpen the proposals. 
  • Once final, I can get X NUMBER of pledges from my network to support this.  
  • Once final, I can socialize the policy platform with X AMOUNT of peers. 
  • I can share a program that can be a case study about how the arts improve public safety (or similar, such as public health, community wellness, etc). 
  • I have a program that can be an example for a state or federally funded WPA-style recovery program that employs artists. 
  • Other? 

Make an action commitment to move the work forward here.