Progress and impact in our shared arts and culture agenda is driven by our four standing work groups in Public Policy, Support for Artists, Neighborhood Partnerships, and Marketing and Public Relations. 

Powerful contributions and aligned activities by our members and network in and across these work groups will drive measurable, incremental progress toward our desired results. 

Learn more about our standing work groups, our ad hoc work groups, and how you can get involved. Our next round of Work Group meetings is coming up in the first two weeks of March. To view complete details and RSVP, please visit our calendar.

You can also prepare for the work group meetings by listening to the Bonus Work Group Whip Around Episode of our podcast.


Public Policy Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Chad Bauman, Executive Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater and Carole Nicksin, Publisher, Milwaukee Magazine

The desired result of our public policy work group is that artists and arts and culture groups will organize a larger collective voice to: shape public perception; advance public resources; and address inequities in access, opportunities, and engagement. In addition, artists and arts and culture groups are partners at community decision-making tables.

We will accomplish this work by integrating artists and arts leaders in the civic fabric of our city and by building an army of arts and culture champions who are willing to stand up and exercise their support of the arts by engaging with their elected officials and policy makers to ensure that the arts voice is heard and represented. 

Imagine MKE staff leader: David Lee, CEO

Neighborhood Partnerships Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Antonio Butts, Executive Director, Walnut Way and Beth Haskovec, Program Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Gallery Night


The Neighborhood Partnerships Work Group’s goal is to ensure that artists and arts organizations are effective partners in Milwaukee neighborhoods, engaging our friends and neighbors in creativity and supporting neighborhood artists, creators, and cultural activities based on the interests and needs of the residents in the neighborhoods. 

The members of this work group include a diverse amalgam of arts organizations, neighborhood groups, business improvement districts, and other organizations interested in fully activating our city's neighborhoods.

We are currently piloting our community-driven, resident-led neighborhood work in the greater Amani Neighborhood thanks to generous funding provided by Northwestern Mutual.

Imagine MKE staff leader: Antoine Carter, Neighborhood Liaison




Support for Artists Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Stacey Williams-Ng, Founder and Director, Wallpapered City and LaShawndra Vernon, Executive Director, Artists Working in Educations (AWE)

This work group's main focus is to ensure that Milwaukee-based artists will have access to local financial resources, physical resources, and capacity building support to gain access to the local and national markets in order to earn a living or more of their living as artists.

We will measure the effectiveness of this result by annually surveying a significant and diverse cross-discipline sample of artists on whether the local market and supports for artists are improving.

Imagine MKE staff leader: Kennita Hickman, Director of Artist Support and Outreach


Marketing and Public Relations Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Julie Granger, Executive Vice-President, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) and Amanda Peterson, Senior Director, Audience Engagement, Milwaukee Art Museum

This work group is focused on increasing public awareness, political will, and support for Milwaukee’s diverse arts and culture sector, and changing the narrative of our city from a sleepy mid-western post industrial town with beer and brats to America's new, up and coming arts and culture mecca.

We will measure the effectiveness of this work by: Improved public perception of the value of arts and culture in Milwaukee increases via public surveys; increased audiences and markets for local artists and arts groups; and increase in diverse public participation in arts and culture.

Imagine MKE staff leader: Lindsay Sheridan, Director of Marketing and PR


Ad Hoc DNC Arts and Culture Activation Group

We have been convening an ever growing collection of Milwaukee Arts and Culture leaders to create an inspiring vision and plan for a coordinated, city-wide arts and culture activation in the days leading up to the DNC and during the convention. It is our goal reach over 1 million people and give them a positive impression of our city and our city's arts and culture story.

To learn more about joining the one or more of these workgroups, please fill out this form.