As we emerge from the pandemic, we need your voice to ensure that Milwaukee's artists, creative industry, and arts and cultural organizations can help jumpstart our recovery.    

As we begin to see the end of tunnel for the COVID-19 pandemic, our creative community still faces an existential threat due to the loss of work and revenue. To ensure that our community has the resources it needs to restart quickly and effectively, our federal, state, and local policymakers need to step up support for the arts and culture sector. 

Please take a moment to personalize letters to all of your legislators to make these important asks:


  • Enact policies that invest in arts and health, that leverage artists and creatives in the recovery, and that increase funding for arts education. 


  • Pass a biennial that invests in our state's arts and culture and creative industries 

City and County

  • Invest 2% of the local relief funds provided in the American Rescue Plan Act in our region's arts, culture, and creative industry and artists