Let's Restart Milwaukee Stronger than Ever!    

Tell your legislators to ensure that our our region's arts and culture community, artists, and creative sector have the resources they need to emerge from the pandemic and restart quickly and effectively to move us Forward. We have three important asks that you can help us amplify:

County - Urgent!

  • Support proposals that would $3.6 million (2% of the County's ARPA funds) to increase health, equity, and inclusivity by creating access to arts and cultural events, highlighting work from new and diverse voices and leadership, and strengthening local communities through a civic artist in residence program

State - Urgent!

  • Establish a 4-year, $20 Million Grow Wisconsin Creatively Resilience Fund


  • Invest 2% of the local relief funds provided in the American Rescue Plan Act in our region's arts, culture, and creative industry and artists

You can personalize letters below to your elected officials about these issues.

To take your advocacy to the next level on these important issues, you can also sign up for an online advocacy training here


Click here to download the toolkit in PDF.