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This Quarantine Can't Stop the Arts

by Imagine MKE on Apr 2, 2020
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This Quarantine Can't Stop the Arts

In addition to updating the week 2 progress of the MKE Artist Relief Fund (an additional $31,000 to 71 more artists, bringing the grand total to just over $44,000 to 99 artists in two weeks!), the gang celebrates some of the innovations of the Milwaukee arts community getting online and continuing to connect with their supporters and audiences during #SafeAtHome, because this quarantine has stopped us from going out, it cannot stop the arts!

Also, without a guest, Mac confers the powers of our 2-min Arts and Culture Czar to David who uses his time to declare that it will be the arts and culture community that not only helps us through Covid-19 but will also be key to building a stronger city afterward.

Close listeners will notice that David misattributed a quote from Ezra Pound quote to T.S. Eliot. Whoops.

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