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ITP E. 30 Arts and Culture in a Pandemic w/ Joe Peterangelo

by David Lee on Aug 25, 2020
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ITP E. 30 Arts and Culture in a Pandemic w/ Joe Peterangelo

This week on the pod, Mac and David welcome #ImaginaryFriend Dianne Choie, from the Milwaukee Art Museum, for the listener mailbag segment to talk about a connection she made through the podcast.  Then Joe Peterangelo, Senior Researcher at the Wisconsin Policy Forum, joins the gang to discuss "Arts and Culture in a Pandemic: An Existential Threat," their new COVID-19 Research brief.

In an alternate universe, the DNC in Milwaukee was... (0:24), Listener mailbag IRL with Dianne Choie and what happens when you listen to this podcast (2:57), As a new person to Milwaukee, Dianne's impression of the city (7:24), The diversity of the kinds of Asian food (9:24), The Milwaukee Art Museum's re-opening and new programming through Studio at Home (10:54), Audio transition and introduction of Joe Peterangelo (14:35), Fun ground rules, safe words, and burning questions (16:14), Origin story of the "Arts and Culture in a Pandemic" research brief (17:38), Getting data for the report (20:20), Key takeaways (25:05), Wisconsin is last in per capita funding for the arts (29:54), Focusing in on Milwaukee for the case study (34:24), The business model of congregating in the person (36:23), Pulling back for a wider view to include artists and smaller arts orgs (39:32). Joe's own passion for arts and culture and he unexpectedly invokes the safe word (43:27), Plugs (47:05)

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Audio transitions: "Milwaukee Strong" by Shonn Hinton, featuring the Milwaukee All Stars

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